About Mike

Mike was born and raised in Perth Western Australia.

Mike started playing guitar at 12 years and by fifteen was playing bass and guitar in heavy metal cover bands at various venues around Perth.

A few years after his marriage and the arrival of a family Mike moved away from bands and gigging as other work and family priorities took precedence, but continued to play and develop his song writing and playing skills.

During this time Mike concentrated on playing acoustic guitar, with a wide range of influences including Jimmy Page, Neil Young and in later years Mark Knopfler.

Mike started gigging again in the 1990’s through “open mic” nights and at private functions and pubs.

Mike uses a number of guitars on stage and, through the different sounds, tunings and playing styles, delivers a unique range and variety of material.

Mike released his first album in 2002, "Stories from the City – Live", a compilation of live recordings. Mike’s second record, "smiling on the inside", was released in August 2005.

Mike released "Frank Conversations" 2015 -  his second studio album. Go to the Discography page for some clips.